What is google glass

A pequena tela apresenta ao seu utilizador mapas, opções de música, previsão do tempo, rotas de mapas, e além disso, também é possível efetuar chamadas de . This smart device displays information to users in a hands-free format and also enables them to interact with the Internet via voice commands, while on the go. So we did a little digging, got our fingers dirty and found. These futuristic glasses. After all, we had all thought the project was dead.

Glass in a similar design.

It looks like a pair of glasses with one side of the frames thicker than the other. Another surprise is that it is not available to any business. Why did it fail so dramatically? This time, the product will be sold via a range of specialised software companies, which are bundling it with their respective services.

Germany-based Ubimax – which makes software for logistics and manufacturing workers – told the BBC it would charge . In fact, Vaunt is almost indistinguishable from a regular pair of glasses. The only thing that might give it away is the occasional presence of a red dot around your eyes. This is the low power laser display that projects what is essentially a heads up display into your pupil.

You only see it when you look down . Smartwatch and fitness band manufacturers, too, might eventually find that their products are better suited to narrower uses. By Brad Reed September 17th at 7:PM. Frankly, I was surprised- I figured it would be more balanced.

What opportunities do they see and what would they like changed. Tips and wishlist for the hardware, the software and the apps. Sergey Brin wears a prototype to the Foundation Fighting Blindness event in San Francisco the same month. It can be fun to use and wear but it can be confronting for people who know.

The way it works, the physician wears AR glasses when they see a patient. The entire visit is streamed in real- time with a scribe at a remote location who is taking notes and . So, how does this affect our jobs as marketers? Below are implications that I believe wearable tech will have on . We are just beginning to become accustomed to lone bystanders speaking out loud in public places without casting a suspicious eye upon them.

Not long ago, Bluetooth earpieces, wirelessly connected to mobile devices, were an oddity treated with ridicule. Attached as some have become to using them everywhere, the . A better action video camera? It over promised and under delivered.

Combined with low adoption, there was little . It featured a new hinge system for easy folding, a new LED for the headset to show when the camera was in use, and a new . Turn setbacks into opportunities: As a tool used exclusively in business settings,.