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Trusted by million for wine ratings, prices and hassle-free shopping. Seu fundador e CEO , Heini Zachariassen, fez do País uma de suas prioridades desde que os brasileiros se tornaram o segunda maior nacionalidade da rede social que abastece o site com resenhas de rótulos. Com milhões de usuários,. My wife hates your site and the app but only because I buy more wine and spend more time researching each bottle.

Amante das delícias de Baco, Zachariassen tinha dificuldades em encontrar informações sobre vinho.

Com isso, surgiu a ideia de construir uma base de dados semelhante ao do Movies, maior site. One day about seven years ago, Danish entrepreneur Heini Zachariassen found himself standing in front of an enormous wine shelf at his local supermarket and feeling, as he recalls, stupid. He wanted to buy a bottle of wine, but he had no idea what was considered good. Speaking to CNNMoney this week, founder and CEO Heini Zachariassen said that wines worth more than $million have been sold through the site , with around 4million labels scanne million ratings and nearly million bottles of wine rated since . In fact, you can even take a photo of the wine list at a restaurant and find out which one is a bargain.

Vivino founder and CEO Heini Zachariassen. The currency is based on the country set in Settings. To change the currency, you need to change the country.

Not all currencies are supporte so if a currency is not currently supporte. Compre vinhos e pague em até 6x sem juros. Mais de mil rótulos das principais regiões do mundo, acessórios e produtos gourmet. Para aceder a este site deverá ter idade legal para consumir bebidas alcoólicas, segundo as leis em vigor no país de origem.

European Business Biodiversity Prémio Empresa – Revista de Vinhos Prémio Viticultura – Revista de Vinhos Wines of . Sometimes the smart thing is to wait for the pioneers to take the initial risks, and to do the hard work in shaping a market. This award is for the company that moved quickly to dominate an emerging market category, typically with a different and better business model than the first . US, UK and Holland — it was critical to find a solution that would accelerate their expansion while providing impeccable site performance and reliability. Modern technology to the rescue.

Both use a photo of a wine bottle label (either taken through the app or imported from your photos) to identify the wine and enter the relevant information for you. According to the information in the Android Market, the image . We now have some , at least when it comes to famous wine lines. Assine agora o Correio da Manhã Digital.

But it can perhaps claim to be the best, at least if its community of million users are to be believed. Between them they have contributed million reviews of million different wines, .