A user interface (UI) test that involves user interactions across multiple apps lets you verify that your app behaves correctly when the user flow crosses into other apps or into the system UI. An example of such a user flow is a messaging app that lets the user enter a text message, launches the . Check out Android Developers onnbsp;. Development of the UiAutomator driver happens at the appium-android- driver . Install Android SDK, and set ANDROID_HOME environment to the correct path. UI Automator is a simple but handy tool to get UI Automator Scripts built. Enable ADB setting on device and connect your android device using usb with your PC.

Allow apps to install from unknown sources on device settings. Basic sample for UiAutomator. If you are new to UiAutomator , try this sample first. This project uses the Gradle build system. Download the project code, preferably using git clone.

For more information on testing with the uiautomator framework, see UI . Utilizando expresso uiautomator na automacao de testes em apps android. Androids uiautomator provides the UiDevice class to communicate with the device, the UiSelector class to search for elements on the screen and the UiObject which presents user interface elements and is created based on the UiSelector class. The UiCollection class allows to select a number of user . Android SDK provides the following tools to support automate functional UI testing on your application. A GUI tool to scan and analyse the UI components of an Android application.

That sai writing robust and maintainable tests has been a steep learning curve . The uiautomatorviewer tool provides a convenient visual interface to inspect the layout . This blog covers how to write UI tests using UI automator testing framework which is provided by Android Testing Support Library. We can test all the UI components by using the convenient descriptors . Espresso is a powerful, efficient Android Automation Test Framework, it contains three parts: ViewMatchers, ViewActions and ViewAssertions. Compared with other frameworks, it is simpler and easier for us to learn, but there is a limitation: you can only do operations in . WiFi on and off and access other settings during test, but lacks backward compatibility as it requires Jelly Bean or higher.

But, also lacks detailed view access so one could say it may be more of a pure black-box test. UIAutomator – is powerful and has good external OS system integration e. Because of this, it means we can use it to . The name of this tool is UiAutomator.