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Denunciar outra imagem Denuncie a imagem ofensiva. New patches for Hearthstone are released regularly, fixing bugs and adding new cards, card backs and game features. Patches_the_Pirate_full.

That effect is still good and should be enough for an 1mana Legendary. Its just not broken and played in almost all decks anymore. For some aggro – style it may still be a viable option.

We will see if this may change anything for the Wild. Additionally, the value of having a minion . For the cost of he comes with. Brand new voiceline in the newest Hearthstone patch 10. Changed due to removing his charge ability. I would prefer if they made it like If your deck has pirates or sthg, gain charge so not all Aggro decks just abuse it.

Blizzard has just revealed new card balance changes for some of its most problematic cards. The time has finally come. Four cards are getting nerfed in total.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment. Bonemare is a common card in many . Here are the patch notes that will also introduce the ladder changes to the March season. Just when we expected things to quieten down in Hearthstone for a little while as the Year of the Mammoth draws to a close, Team have surprised us all with one last major balance patch for this cycle. That time is apparently here with Update 10. And I mean, it wrecks them!

Update: These changes are now live on desktop (and should be live on mobile soon), so go forth and dust your nerfed cards and craft yourself some replacements. Freehold is a new pirate-themed dungeon in Battle for Azeroth. There will definitely be a new king in Hearthstone , but will Priest and Rogue really fall that far behind?

O que os marinheiros gritam quando os Piratas roubam seus baús cheios de leis e outras coisas sendo transportadas para o parlamento para serem votadas? Remendo, o Pirata⁩ do Hearthstone é um(a) ⁨Lacaio⁩ da expansão ⁨Gangues de Geringontzan⁩. Literally every single viable deck in the standard meta except for one has been hit by nerfing just four cards.

Major strategies that have become frontrunners in the standard meta are being completely dismantled in preparation for . This also means that you should make sure to do any . This morning, Blizzard announced major balance changes to come with the next patch. Weakening them will open the way for . This year Blizzard carefully looked at all of the tier one decks and decided that Warlock was the coolest. As a result, they decided to nerf all of the other tier one decks.

All hail our new Warlock overlords!

Seriously though, if you . Aconteceram mudanças em todas as classes, além da possibilidade de abandonar missões, adicionar como amigos bons parceiros de jogo, mudanças no sistema de ranque (com a inclusão de temporadas mensais), nas recompensas de .