Glass project

A pequena tela apresenta ao seu utilizador mapas, opções de música, previsão do tempo, rotas de mapas, e além disso, também é possível efetuar chamadas de . In this concept video titled One Day. The EU collaborative project GlaSS developed tools, algorithms and applications for the use of data of Sentinel-(S2) and Sentinel-(S3) data for monitoring of global lakes and reservoirs. The are demonstrated with global lake use cases and made available to a larger audience as training material.

Art Glass Wall – Spaulding.

Website created by Alex Clark . Glass Projects are specialists in the architectural flat glass and façade industry. We have developed a system using machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate facial expression recognition that runs on wearable glasses and delivers real-time social cues. Join us for our annual live art festival benefitting Art Road Nonprofit, an organization that is actively returning art classes to Detroit Public. Dispositivos de realidade aumentada serão vendidos só para empresas. Using voice commands, you can dictate what the . Fotógrafo paulista cria experiência etílica com amigos.

Marcos Alberti resolveu juntar algumas paixões em um só projeto.

Amigos, fotografia, vinho e boa convers. Growing up, my mom would take me and my siblings to the library once a week. When I graduated past Curious George and Boxcar Children books, I began to haunt the magazine racks. You could only browse current issues, but you could check out any back issues, and I began to run through months of . Os óculos mostrados na imagem aí acima, segundo eles, são . Glass is see-through, but usually you can still see that it is there.

Home of Morty the Rooster! An international photography project from Richard Tilney-Bassett. Living and travelling nomadically by trading professional photography for foo accommodation and transport. ALGP will not only focus on travel alone but it will also help positively . Hand blown, one of a kin skillfully crafted products. Leading the Menokin Project Team is architectural firm Machado Silvetti, noted by architecture critic Paul Goldberger as “modernists who have a love of classicism and believe that an architect best respects history not by imitating it, but by teasing its spirit into new forms.

Berlin-based independent group of curators dedicated to the promotion of conceptual artists working with glass. Our vision is to increase the apreciation of glass -based artworks in the contemporary art world. It all started with the idea of just picking up a few pieces a day during morning walks, then it expanded into organized outings with larger groups of people.

Over the years we have worked with middle school students, Outward Bound groups, . Jason McGlade is a photographer and creative director well known for his eclectic style and unusual approach to photography.

His work moves within the genres of documentary photography, fashion and portraiture. Guardian developed the Project Database to make it easy to find examples of commercial projects that use SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass. We are featuring the eight projects below, but you can sort and view the entire database to see a wide variety of commercial buildings with SunGuard Advanced Architectual . WHAT: 5Glass Floats ( glass orbs about the size of an orange) will be hidden on Block Island. Floats will be date numbered and stamped with the shape of Block Island. One super special float is made entirely out of gold leaf.

Innovative PRImary MEasures for reduction of NOx emissions and Energy consumption by glass furnaces. PROJECT PROFILE ON TOUGHENED GLASS. The PRIME GLASS project aims to trial and demonstrate technologies that will significantly improve environmental impact of the glass industry, reducing NOx, CO CO sulfur oxides and dust emissions and energy .