Etna volcano

O gigante Tifão foi preso sob o vulcão, de acordo com o poeta Ésquilo e foi a causa de suas erupções. Outro gigante, Encélado, revoltou-se contra os deuses e foi morto e sepultado sob o Etna. Diz-se também que Vulcano (Hefesto no grego), o deus . It lies above the convergent plate margin between the African Plate and the Eurasian Plate.

It is the highest active volcano in Europe outside the Caucasus.

Mount Etna Volcano Erupts in Sicily – ,rh:. Denunciar outra imagem Denuncie a imagem ofensiva. Its frequent eruptions are often accompanied by large lava flows, but rarely pose danger to inhabited areas.

Etna is one of the volcanoes with the longest historic records of eruptions, going back . Subplinian eruption and one of the most spectacular . The last swarm occurred on September 18th, close to Mt. Intraleo on the western slope of the volcano. UTC) to 08:(UTC) with magnitudes ranging between .

It dominates the landscape of north-eastern . Etna , the largest volcano in Europe, is also its most lively. Sitting on the eastern coast of Sicily, covering 4square miles and comprising rocks, woodland and farmlan it erupts all the time, letting off steam with gay abandon, or “burping”, laughs Giuseppe, our tour guide, attempting to make the noise. It is also the volcano with the longest record of continuous eruption. Etna , which is located in Sicily, erupts frequently. Above everything is Etna Volcano , the Mountain par excellence, a reminder of the power of fire that, behind the affairs of men, it is the true, immortal soul of the island.

Ancient navigators considered it the highest point on Earth. The most active volcano in Europe is slowly sliding into the sea, according to new research. While its movement may seem too slow to cause any concern, scientists studying the . The highest active volcano in Europe dominates the entire region with its impressive size. Its spectacular eruptions, the fiery lava flows, has always aroused the interest of scientists and the curiosity of visitors from all over the world.

A unique destination for summer hikers are the visits to the active craters in the summit areas. The oldest lavas, exposed on the lowermost flanks of the volcano , erupted 300years ago. Some of these are pillow lavas, indicating Etna started as a submarine volcano and grew above sea level.

View of the volcano , arrival station of the cable cars, 2. The volcano dominates the landscape of NE Sicily, Italy.

Mt Etna is the largest active volcano in Europe. The first eruptions at Etna .