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By delivering first class information and innovative tools, we continue to refine our portfolio to serve the needs of researchers, educators . The editors strive to publish a blend of theoretical, empirical and policy related papers in energy economics. ChemSusChem, journal , 2. It also publishes studies into the environmental, societal, and economic impacts of energy use . Editor-in-Chief: Michael T.

A journal linking all aspects of the chemical, physical and biotechnological sciences relating to energy conversion and storage, alternative fuel technologies and environmental science. Balancing environmental benefits and damages of small hydropower generation in policy-making: assessing the implementation of a contradicting EU policy framework in Austria and Slovenia. Energy Economics, journal , 2. Published online: Article.

Cost-optimal energy performance measures in a new daycare building in . With the growing need for alternative energy sources, research into energy -harvesting technologies has increased considerably in recent years. In a world with an increasing number of opportunities for nanotechnology to improve how we produce and use energy , this new journal will help lead scientists and engineers from diverse backgrounds to a common platform.

The future of energy nanomaterials is full of innovative advancements that will . The journal especially welcomes papers within the following three focus areas:. Issue(s) available: – from Volume Issue to Volume Issue 1. The EEJ off ers the practitioner and the academic pro- active information on energy law and policy throughout Europe. It reports and comments relevant developments in the areas of internal market, competition law , energy e ciency, renewable energies, climate change, infrastructure, security of. Explore our extended family of journals below. Or click here to learn about the Materials Today book series.

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University of Tulsa College of Law. As an energy professional do you want to remain informed on a daily basis about the important news in the Belgian energy market? However, your busy agenda does not permit you to consult the diverse newspapers and websites. It focuses on fundamental and applied research needed to deploy technologies for developing and integrating geothermal energy as one key element in the future energy portfolio.

Contributions include geological . More than three decades later, we are still dealing with some of the same issues globally: energy supply and demand balances, oil price volatility, geopolitics, energy independence, conservation, alternative energy.