Box sync

Box Sync is our new desktop sync app for Windows and Mac. With new features and improved performance, sync files like never before with more spee convenience, and scale. With easy and secure file sharing with Box , you enhance the productivity and mobility of any business. Content that syncs down to your computer are available for offline access.

This video shows how to choose a folder to Sync to your computer with Box Sync. I need to sync individual folders to Box , is that possible to link them directly in their location without copying.

Syncing involves synchronizing computer files stored in two different locations. This makes it possible to quickly and easily access and modify content stored in Box without using a web browser. The Sync feature for Box allows you to sync files between your desktop and other devices. This can be used for files you wish to access offline.

It also keeps both the online and . It replicates folders within your Box account to your computer. Box offers secure, scalable content-sharing that both users and IT love and adopt. From there you will input your UCLA logon ID and password as you did previously to login to the web client.

You have successfully installed and logged into BOX Sync.

A folder labled “ BOX Sync ” will be on your desktop. You can now drag documents and folders into that folder and it will upload directly to BOX for . The desktop OS versions also allow you to access your Box files while offline. Open the EXE file from the Windows folder and follow the installation instructions. Your synced files are stored in a new folder called Box Sync. You can access this folder from the Favorites section in . Access your Box files from your desktop and sync files on your computer to Box seamlessly.

Keeping your Local Files in Sync with Box. Contact ISC Information Security (security at ) or the . Change your Notification Preferences! The image below shows all unchecked except for one daily digest . Setting up Box sync will allow you to select folders in Box that will automatically synchronize with your computer. Any changes made on the desktop will be automatically synced to your Box account.

The flexibility afforded by this feature set also introduces additional risks to . Box offers a modern web interface and enterprise security suitable for most files, including FERPA protected data. Files synchronized with your computer are available for offline access. This is especially useful if you use an application that needs direct access to the files locally (i.e., linked files, or collections of data files), or if you have files that you work on .