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Over a million and counting. Instagram Picture from Kristine Gordon. Read our meal delivery comparison reviews. Dinnertime is being disrupted.

Upstart companies are challenging your weekly treks to the grocery store, enticing you with gourmet recipes and superior ingredients delivered right to your doorstep.

So we started wondering: Can the home chef really achieve cooking nirvana from food in a box? My initial goal was to review the efforts of several individual companies that provide ready-to-cook meal kits. Tired of serving your family out-of-the-box meals every evening?

Inc (AMZN.O) circles its turf. Walmart has officially joined the meal kit scene, offering options like chicken tikka masala and Thai crab curry with jasmine rice on its website. Most meals can be made in only minutes, with easy-to-follow instructions.

However, this simplicity can be a negative for those who aspire to impress family members with fancy creations.

I got my first delivery last Friday, I ordered the Korean Chicken with Pear Salad and the coffee coated steak with mashed potatoes. Meal Delivery Services are popping up everywhere! With so many to choose from , how do you decide which. The blue ribbon for market share goes to Blue Apron.

Among the companies analyze Blue Apron is the largest service, claiming percent of U. This might be a bittersweet victory . They use only the best ingredients available, their recipes are incredibly creative, yet surprisingly easy to follow, and there is always something new on their menus. No matter which of these two popular meal delivery . Blue Apron Vs Home chef : Two of the leaders in the industry is about to go into the arena, and we are going to break down the fight just for you! Home Chef , a competitor to Blue Apron Holdings Inc. They all offer the same idea – fresh ingredients to make restaurant-quality meals in your own kitchen. But every home cook has their own comfort level, every palate has its own taste, and every weeknight has its own stresses before we add cooking from scratch to the list.

See how the editors at ConsumersAdvocate. Americans spend $70on TAKEOUT food in their lifetimes. As of September, Blue Apron held the largest market share, 40. HelloFresh, which is expected to go public tomorrow, came in .

Want to know the best meal delivery service during deployment? Find out which home food delivery service is your best fit. Meal kits have proven very popular with consumers, but turning a profit in the business is very difficult due to high marketing costs and low consumer loyalty. Exhibit A is Blue Apron , whose stock plummeted nearly since its IPO debuted this summer. The company has struggled with high marketing costs . Not eligible in all states.

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