Blender donut tutorial

Blender beginner tutorial on modelling a cup! Like a series of posts that will show you the basics. Instead I had to jump from tutorial to tutorial , and gleam what I could from each.

This is my first render project. The donut falls on the plane.

Press Tab again to go out of Edit Mode. A quick softbody tutorial just to demonstrate the new system. It is thus a very effective way to simulate physics.

The easiest (and coolest 🙂 way to explain it is . Eight Parts:Making the Bowl of the CupMaking the Coffee Cup Handle Connecting the Cup and the HandleBuilding the Inside of the Coffee Cup Touching Up Your Coffee CupMaking a TabletopLighting the SceneRendering Your Coffee CupCommunity QA. Post with votes and 2views. VT5oZn… I highly recommend to watch his Videos if you want to st.

Steam Community: Steam Artwork.

Basics on line for each chapter. RoboDude Asks: How do I set the quality of a mesh? Remember that after selecting a mesh type, you will . Well… Not this type of blender. Link to the tutorial series on.

I decided to try learning some 3d modeling. Free Printable Sewing PatternsDress Sewing PatternsBlouse PatternsFree SewingShirt Patterns For WomenSewing TipsSewing Tutorials Sewing IdeasSewing Projects. Switch it from Texture mode to Wire mode. Set Major segments to 6 Minor segments to 50. In this tutorial , he teaches you how to start modeling the doughnut that this tutorial is centered around.

It is a simple torus shape with the subdivisions turned up to make the surface smoother. He warns not to make the model super high res from the get go and instead have modifiers so you can more easily edit the geometry. I can model a donut , cup and light bulb but I want to learn more. Oh and my interests are: Scary stuff Environment Scary stuff Creatures Scary stuff Sci-Fi Scary stuff Some tips would be nice.

PLjEaoINr3zgHs8uzT3yqe4iHGfkCmMJ0P. Concordo que devo usar uma melhor textura de madeira, realmente parece que os Donuts estão no chão.

MAR71N também acho que devo apenas aprender as técnicas utilizadas no tutorial e não copiar mas para já não sei se tenho conhecimentos para fazer uma imagem original. Tenho só uma dúvida como posso fazer . Nuu I forgot this was part 1! I was expecting one video modelling the anvil itself. So this is what it feels like to be. I have used the Cycles Render.

Shown in the image are two donuts with sprinkles on a plate, with a mug standing next to the plate. Materials and lighting and textures look good. The icing roughness is maybe a tad too sharp for my liking.

Poly count is not the best , mainly because the sprinkles are actual geometry I presume. Lastly since I know the doughnut is a tutorial from blender guru , and coffee cups are also known tutorial objects, .